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Saturday, May 17, 2008

LIVE from Edmonds: Ambassador Joe Wilson speaks, subcaucuses in progress

The subcaucuses are currently underway here at Edmonds Community College, with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama delegates faced with the difficult decision of who to elect to send to Denver to be a national delegate.

Not long ago, we heard from Ambassador Joe Wilson, who happens to be in Washington for part of the weekend, and was kind enough to come over to our congressional district caucus. We honored him with a standing ovation and listened as he explained the importance of ending Republican control of the White House.

What truly matters, the Ambassador told us, is electing a Democrat as President in 2008 - because America cannot afford a third Bush term courtesy of John McCain. The arrogance, the willful lawbreaking, and the disrespect for our Constitution have unfortunately become hallmarks of the executive branch under the GOP.

When you look at the combined group of people here who want to be delegates, both women and men, and for either Hillary or numbers into the hundreds, and everyone who wants to run is entitled to speak for at least one minute. It'll take at least a few hours to get through everyone... but we'll make it.

UPDATE, 4:15 PM: The Clinton subcaucus has selected Deanna Dawson and Tom Ahearne as 1st Congressional District's national delegates for Hillary. The speechifying has just ended in the Obama subcaucus and the votes are being tallied now. I'll post another update after we know who the Obama delegates are.

UPDATE II, 5:15 PM: The Obama subcaucus has elected Jessica Beckett, Kendall Hamilton, Ronald Oshima, and Luis Moscoso as the 1st Congressional District's national delegates for Barack. Marsha Scutvick is our alternate.


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