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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Follow the Democratic Rules Committee meeting online

If you're not at the ballpark today (like I am) or doing something else with your Saturday, the Democratic Party is streaming the Rules Committee meeting online. Kossack lollydee is also providing a highly entertaining liveblog of the proceedings.:
Update 25 - [Michigan Democratic Party Chair] Brewer is saying Uncommitted's voters should be given to Obama. He's seriously disenfranchising Uncommitted's loyal voters. There will be rioting in the streets.

Update 26 - Someone is saying something about Alice in Wonderland. Clinton and Obama voters are now united in searching around the room for the marijuana brownies.

Update 27 - Questioner now isn't thinking about Alice. He's clearly all about Dorothy.

Update 28 - How do people know when to applause? Are there cue cards for the Hillary and Obama folks? Does Ickes have a hand signal?

Update 29 - I need more coffee. Or maybe something stronger like whatever drug Brewer is on.

Update 30 - Brewer: Rulez don't apply! All UR DELEGATES R BELONG TO HILLARY!

Update 31- Ickes is on again. He is auditioning for the next Speed Racer movie. God, I hate that shirt.

Update 32 - A questioner is asking Brewer about what other state wide efforts were on the ballot. Nothing, of course, except the one where residents were pissed about that dude wanting to build that strip mall a block away from their neighborhood. I'm sure the Obama voters were riled about that. Back to exit polls. Does anyone take those seriously? I lied to one, once. I told them I had written in Kiefer Sutherland.

Update 33 - Levin is getting kudos now. The questioner better watch her step with the compliments or else Dean will be forced to assert his dominance by howling.

Update 34 - Levin is talking about Unity and he is also giving kudos to his friend Ghettofinger. I know that's not his name but I choose to believe it is and I do not accept your reality. Go Clinton!

Update 35 - He is talking about reason and going forward and unity. Flawed primary, yada, yada yada. Detroit's mayor was too busy text-porning his staffer to help us out.
Lots more on Daily Kos.


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