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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

First look at Oregon returns

Eight o'clock Pacific Time has come and gone, and all of the major traditional media outlets have made their projections official: Barack Obama is the winner in Oregon by a decisive margin. We're still waiting for numbers from the Oregon Secretary of State, and once we've got them, I'll update this post with takes on the other races.

UPDATE: With numbers changing rapidly, the contest between Jeff Merkley and Steve Novick is very close.

Novick currently has the edge, but it's a small lead....46% to 43%. Over 180,000 ballots have been counted as of this first report.

Kurt Schrader is easily winning the Democratic primary in the 5th Congressional District. With very few ballots counted, he has 63% of the vote. Schrader is vying with Steve Marks to succeed Representative Darlene Hooley, who is retiring.

UPDATE II: Obama's lead in Oregon is huge. He has over sixty percent of the vote. Clinton is under forty percent. The exact numbers:

Hillary Clinton: 87,639 (38.20%)
Barack Obama: 140,582 (61.28%)

That's a double digit lead for Obama, which is what I expected.

UPDATE III: In the Attorney General's race, John Kroger is handily beating Greg Macpherson for the Democratic nomination, 56% to 43%.

UPDATE IV: The Oregon Secretary of State just updated their numbers. Jeff Merkley has retaken the lead in the Senate primary, and it's pretty slim. He leads Novick 45% to 43% as of 8:40 PM.


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