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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kirby Wilbur, local right wing launch initiative to decimate public services

On his KVI radio show this morning, right wing host Kirby Wilbur announced he's working with several Tim Eyman wannabes to qualify an initiative to the November ballot that would slash property taxes by 30%, which would result in unprecedented cuts to public services, including fire and police protection, libraries, parks, pools, and possibly schools (it appears the initiative applies to both state and local property taxes).

Initiative 1030 could singlehandedly destroy Washington State's economy and quality of life were it to take effect. (And that's why NPI's Permanent Defense will do everything possible to stop this horrible idea dead in its tracks).

We're talking about massive layoffs of public servants, neighborhoods with more drunk drivers and sex predators at large, the shuttering of countless civic institutions, drastically higher insurance rates due to the loss of police and fire protection, cities disincorporating...the list goes on and on. Municipalities will collapse, creating a terrible fiscal mess.

What Wilbur, sponsor Wayne Cannon, and their cronies are proposing is nothing less than an all out assault on the common wealth: the infrastructure and the public services that make our quality of life possible. Every family in Washington State is threatened by this incredibly dangerous initiative.

Wilbur and company claim the initiative will "save homes". This is a lie...literally. Just think of all the homes that will be destroyed by fire, for example, because first responders will be stretched too thin to provide proper protection.

And due to the colossal cuts in public services, everyone's insurance rates will go up, which means those financial savings promised by Wilbur and his cohorts will be nonexistent.

There is nothing to like about Initiative 1030. It's a grave threat to every community and every family in Washington State.

We've already begun mobilizing to fight this threat, launching a NO on I-1030 page at Permanent Defense which will be expanded in the weeks to come. We urge you to decline to sign...and warn your neighbors and friends about the incredible harm that Initiative 1030 would inflict on our state.


Blogger PatrickJ said...

Go Kirby and Wynn-
It's about timer that all government agencies learn to live within a budget like regular hard working people have to. Your "Chicken Little" approach to anything that might relieve over-burdened taxpayers is at best amusing and at worst an example of the sleaziest kind of scare tactics.Shame on you and God bless anyone who can make government stop and think about their wasteful ways. Patrick J

May 31, 2008 12:47 AM  

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