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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Obama wins Wyoming

Another win in the caucus column for Obama tonight as he takes Wyoming by a 61% to 38% margin.

So, when Hillary Clinton nets 9 delegates in two huge states where she should have ended Barack Obama's campaign, it's an upset. It changes the narrative. It proves she can handle the challenge. Never mind the fact that polls had her up by 20 points or more headed into Ohio and Texas. That's not relevant. Neither is her recent slime festival of Rovian attack ads.

As you see from this gem in the Chicago Tribune, when Obama wins a state like Wyoming by 20+ points and adds two delegates and propels him toward another state where he could widen the delegate lead, well, it's no big deal:
"We are thrilled with this near-split in delegates and are grateful to the people of Wyoming for their support," Clinton campaign manager Maggie Williams said in a statement.

Recap: Several million people vote in Texas and Ohio where a total of 334 delegates were at stake, and she posts a net gain of 9 (still waiting on the Texas caucus results, which could reduce this total) for the night, and that's immensely important, even when they're still down by 100 or more delegates; but Obama wins 7 of 12 delegates in Wyoming, and that's a near-split in delegates.

Interesting weighting system ya got there, Maggie.

Spin? That's a centrifuge.


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