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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Burner to release plan to end the Iraq war

Six months in the making, Darcy Burner's plan to end the Iraq war is ready. This isn't just a plan cooked up by her campaign staff to sound good in the news. No, this is the real deal: an intelligent, well thought out plan crafted by some of the best foreign policy and Iraq specialists around to bring a responsible end to the war.

Folks like Major General Paul Eaton, former commanding general in Iraq. Talk about hands-on expertise. Paul Eaton lays the blame for Iraq's current mess squarely at the feet of those who failed to plan for reconstruction:
What is absent still is a diplomatic surge, economic surge, bringing to bear the full power of the united states. When chaos hit, there was no plan.
The Burner task force also includes luminaries such as Ambassador Joe Wilson, VoteVets chairman Jon Stolz, and U.W. Professor and Islamic law expert Clark Lombardi.

The "Plan for Iraq" will be released this coming Monday, March 17th, at the Take Back America conference. Although most of us probably can't travel to Washington D.C. to attend the event live, you can watch it live at on Monday at 2:30 PST.


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