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Sunday, February 10, 2008

World watches Washington caucuses

Many articles have been written about the intense interest around the world in the United States presidential race, particularly the clash between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who both want the Democratic nomination.

On Friday, at the KeyArena rally for Obama, we met several friendly "Canadians for Obama" who traveled to Seattle to document history in the making. They were decked out in handmade T-shirts (which read "Canadians Like Obama Too").

The front page of Le Monde (France) offers compelling evidence that the world is closely watching every round in this record shattering nominating season. The third article down the page is about our caucuses!
Le sénateur Barack Obama, à la lutte avec Hillary Clinton pour décrocher la nomination démocrate en vue de l'élection présidentielle américaine de novembre, a remporté les trois consultations organisées, samedi 9 février, pour départager les rivaux démocrates. Selon des chaînes de télévision américaines, M. Obama a obtenu 68 % des voix dans l'Etat de Washington et dans le Nebraska où étaient organisés deux caucus. Il a également remporté les primaires de Louisiane avec 54 % des suffrages contre 38% pour sa rivale Hillary Clinton. 78 délégués étaient en jeu dans l'Etat de Washington, 56 en Louisiane et 24 dans le Nebraska. Ces délégués doivent être répartis à la proportionnelle.
I'm not a native speaker of French, but I know enough to be able to translate a news report myself without much difficulty. In English:
Senator Barack Obama, still fighting with Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic nomination for the American presidential election in November, won three contests held on Saturday, February 9th, where voters had the chance to decide between the rival Democrats. According to American television networks, Mr. Obama won 68% of the vote in Washington State and in Nebraska, which held caucuses. He also won the primary in Louisiana against Hillary Clinton with 54% of the vote, to her 38%. 78 delegates were at stake in Washington State, 56 in Louisiana, and 24 in Nebraska. These delegates must be allocated by proportional representation.
From Germany:
Im Rennen um die Präsidentschaftskandidatur der US-Demokraten hat Barack Obama seine Konkurrentin Hillary Clinton in drei Staaten geschlagen. Beide liegen jetzt nahezu gleichauf.

Senator Barack Obama siegte am Samstag (09.02.2008) in den Staaten Louisiana, Nebraska und Washington sowie in dem US-Territorium Jungferninseln mit deutlichem Vorsprung.
I don't know German, so I won't try to translate that, but you get the idea.

The BBC also has a front page report on last night's Obama sweep, which is fortunately in English for those of you intrigued by an international perspective but not fluent in another language.

(Speaking of other languages - no pun intended - it's ridiculous that many conservatives who have never bothered to study another language make such a big deal about immigrants becoming proficient in English. Perhaps if they tried to learn a second language, they'd be less ignorant and more understanding).


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