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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Obama, Clinton leading among different demographic groups

Key demographic groups appear to be voting as expected on this very exciting Super Tuesday - although Clinton is losing ground among women and whites, whose support buoyed her results in earlier primaries. Here's MSNBC:
Early information from exit polls of voters in 16 states showed Clinton winning only a slight edge among women and white voters, both groups that she has won handily in earlier contests. Obama was collecting the overwhelming majority of support among black voters, while Clinton was gaining the votes of roughly 6 in 10 Hispanics.
More than half of those polled favored a candidate who would bring know the word! ...change. It's no surprise that Obama was the choice of these voters, while the quarter of voters who want experience chose the former first lady and two term senator, Hillary Clinton.

Among the voters who are looking for a candidate who cares about "people like them", Clinton beat out her charismatic competitor, the exit polling says. It seems like she has learned a thing or two from her sensitive spouse.

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