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Monday, February 4, 2008

Open Letter to 710 KIRO: 500 signatories!

As of this afternoon, our Open Letter to 710 KIRO protesting the cancellation of The David Goldstein Show has been cosigned by over five hundred listeners from across the Pacific Northwest and the United States.

It's a great accomplishment, and we're very appreciative of all who have signed so far, but we're not finished yet. Our goal is to get to at least a thousand before we formally deliver our letter to KIRO's management.

If you haven't signed on to the letter yet, we urge you to do so now. Take a stand for quality live and local programming - and let KIRO know you're very upset with their decision to axe David's show. Remember that email verification is required, so don't forget to follow up from your inbox.

Here's a sampling of some of the comments posted to the open letter thus far:

"It is important that KIRO 710 remain heavily focused on local events. People from Washington expect to hear interesting commentary and news there.

Why cut off these stories and guests? People will just leave KIRO and find another, more illuminating station."

- Janet, La Conner

"It was bad enough when Ron Reagan lost his show. Dave Ross is the only remaining reason to listen occasionally.

Thanks a lot -- you just pushed me to KPTK full time."

- Joanne, Olympia

"Goldy's show was one of the few talk radio programs I listened to, and certainly the only weekend talk radio program I have ever tuned in to."

- John, Gig Harbor

"Sorry to tell you Rod, but my weekend listening will no longer include KIRO, and that was about the only time that I *was* listening. The continued deterioration of what was once a good radio station makes me sad."

- Andrew, Seattle

"It's Dave, then KPTK on weekdays. Now, it's back to KUOW on weekends. Conservative robotic thinking by conservative robotic management. We need diverse political analysis especially during an election year. Really, all the time. Of course, you don't care."

- Joanie, Seattle

"I find that I tune into KIRO less and less each week. Now that you have dumped Goldy and Styble, there isn't even a reason to keep the preset on my dial."

- Robert, Edmonds

"Now I will have reprogram the KIRO button in my car. David Goldstein was the only thing I listened to on your station. Good thing you are saving money, right?"

- Chinton, SW Washington


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