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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Obama will likely win Minnesota caucuses

As of 7:45 PM, the networks have not yet called Minnesota for Barack Obama, but they probably will soon- 64% of caucusgoers there are supporting his candidacy. The Associated Press reports that turnout has been very high:
Minnesota officials said they expected the state's Super Tuesday caucuses to attract the most attention since the Vietnam era. They were right.

Thousands of caucusgoers, many of them first-timers, endured long lines to get into caucus sites to cast their presidential preference votes. And that was after many of them faced frustrating delays simply finding a place to park so they could go inside.

At Friendly Hills Middle School here, turnout was twice as heavy as in previous caucus years, said Larry Sachi, a longtime party activist in the district. The DFL and Republican parties both said they would extend the time allowed for voting beyond the 8 PM cutoff so anyone in line could vote.

"The process is working as well as possible, given the number of moving parts involved," Andrew O'Leary, executive director of the state DFL.
On the Republican side, Mitt Romney is leading his rivals John McCain and Mike Huckabee with 39% in the GOP caucus. The Minnesota Secretary of State's website has caucus results available for all the political parties.

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