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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Obama takes Washington and Nebraska; Clinton campaign tries to spin defeat

With over 70% of precincts reporting, the Washington Democratic Party shows a clear and commanding lead for Barack Obama across Washington State.

The results, as of 6:24 PM:

Obama: 67.2% (16,262 delegates)
Clinton: 31.6% (7,655 delegates)
Uncommitted: 1% (237 delegates(
Other: .18% (44 delegates)

Hillary Clinton hasn't captured a majority in any county except Douglas.

And in Nebraska, Obama is simply crushing Clinton with over 70% support. Louisiana is still coming in but it doesn't look good for Clinton there either.

The Clinton campaign, trying to make the routs less impressive, released this:
Tonight there are contests in three states that the Obama campaign has long predicted they would win by large margins. According to a spreadsheet that was obtained by Bloomberg News, the Obama campaign predicted big victories in Washington State, Nebraska and Louisiana.

The Obama campaign has dramatically outspent our campaign in these three states, saturating the airwaves with 30 and 60 second ads. The Obama campaign has spent $300,000 more in Louisiana on television ads, $190,000 more in Nebraska and $175,000 more in Washington.

Although the next several states that hold nominating contests this month are more favorable to the Obama campaign, we will continue to compete in them and hope to secure as many delegates as we can before the race turns to Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania.
Whatever Hillary's top advisors say, we know that her Washington campaign team desperately wanted to win here.

They secured three appearances from Clinton herself throughout the state - one in Seattle, one in Tacoma, one in Spokane - and robocalled heavily.

A fellow Democrat tells me that she got several robocalls from Clinton's campaign - including one taped by Ron Sims and another by Gary Locke. (NPI, by the way, has urged the Washington State Legislature to pass a law restricting robocalls, an idea which readers have expressed tremendous support for).

Clinton's Washington crew was in it to win. But tonight, running up against the people-powered Obama juggernaut, they lost.


Blogger Rainster said...

Seattle native/Obama supporter/absentee voter in school in Boston -- just wanted to say thanks to everyone who's been blogging updates from their precincts! (I grew up in the 37th and 34th and used to live in the 43rd...) Love reading the stories!

February 9, 2008 6:55 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

Wanna watch Hillary the Movie?

February 9, 2008 9:10 PM  

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