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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Obama sweeps Washington, Nebraska, Louisiana, and Virgin Islands

What a day it has been!

Three more states and one U.S. territory have fallen into Barack Obama's column, in an incredibly lopsided sequel to Super Tuesday just a few days ago.

Washington, Nebraska, Louisiana, and the U.S. Virgin Islands each broke strongly for Obama, leaving a dejected Hillary Clinton campaign 0 for 4 in the first series of contests since February 5th. In Washington and Nebraska, Obama chalked up triple digit victories, winning 68% to Clinton's 31%. In Louisiana, his victory was still impressive, although not quite as wide (57% to 36%).

And in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Obama's 90% plus blowout win will likely mean zero delegates for Hillary Clinton.

Maine caucuses tomorrow, and "Chesapeake Tuesday" follows shortly thereafter (Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. will hold nominating events on the 12th). It is likely that Obama will come out ahead in all of those contests, gathering valuable delegates to his side and testing the endurance of the Clinton campaign, which is already in defensive mode.

The Clinton team is preparing to regroup in early March, when campaign officials believe they have a good chance of derailing the Obama Express.

But early March may be too late.

If Barack Obama continues to gain momentum, the victories Senator Clinton is counting on to save her campaign in early March could fail to materialize.

But even if Obama continues to win, it doesn't mean Clinton will give up. She has the edge in superdelegates, and until Obama neutralizes that advantage, she's unlikely to call it quits. We know that Hillary is willing to go the disance. As she said a year ago, "I'm in it to win."

The only problem is for her is so is Barack Obama...and oh yeah, the huge people powered army that's standing next to him.


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