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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Obama, Clinton trading lead in Missouri

Well, Missouri has turned into quite the contest tonight, with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton engaged in a fierce battle in the Show Me State primary.

The Associated Press is calling the state for Clinton, but the networks haven't followed suit yet. We're not sure why the AP has called Missouri for Clinton, because it looks from the latest count like Obama may win that state.
Republican John McCain pulled ahead with a narrow lead and Democrat Hillary Clinton kept a narrowing advantage in Missouri's presidential primary as the last votes were being reported.

The Associated Press called Clinton the winner in the Missouri Democratic race.

In Illinois, Democratic favorite son Barack Obama has a 2-1 lead over Clinton, and John McCain is leading the state's Republican contest.
On the Republican side, the outcome looks more solid. John McCain has been declared the winner in Missouri by the networks as well as the Associated Press.

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UPDATE: HURRAH! With a smiling Claire McCaskill standing by, NBC News is projecting that Barack Obama will win the Missouri Democratic primary.

How embarrassing for the Associated Press.


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