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Sunday, February 10, 2008

NPI on KPOJ tomorrow morning

A quick programming note for readers: I'm scheduled to appear tomorrow morning on the KPOJ Morning Show with Thom Hartmann, Heidi Tauber, and Carl Wolfson to talk about how the Washington State caucuses went on Saturday.

Readers, you can tune in at 7 AM on your radio if you live in Clark County or the Portland metro area. If you don't, you can listen to the live stream online.

If you missed my caucus preview on KPOJ from last Friday, you can listen the clip in our Audio Archive. The phone signal reception wasn't the greatest, so my voice wasn't as clear and steady as I would have liked, but it was a very fun conversation. We covered my prediction for Saturday (Obama!) the governor's endorsement, the then-forthcoming KeyArena rally, and the state of the Republican Party in Washington (which I described as dismal).

(I'll be speaking from a corded landline telephone tomorrow, which should improve the quality of the interview.)

KPOJ's live and local progressive morning show has to be one of the most well-produced in the country. I listened to the rest of the hour after my segment was over, and was very impressed. It was so refreshing to hear that local focus, and it made me even hungrier for a David Goldstein morning show up here on AM 1090.


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