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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Let's get Washington up to speed

Considering Washington's reputation as high tech state with so a significant ecommerce presence, it's easy to assume that we're at the forefront of high-speed Internet availability. Unfortunately, that's not the case: only half of Washington residents have access to broadband Internet.

Our broadband isn't the fastest around, either. We're 18th in download speeds and a mere 38th upload speeds compared to other states.

Improved availability of broadband is important for number of reasons. The Washington Alliance of Technology Workers and Communications Workers of America (Washtech/CWA) point out that widespread high speed Internet access results in a stronger economy, better health & safety services, and increased educational opportunities.

What is needed to increase the availability of broadband Internet access is a firm commitment at the state and local levels to require equal access, which would ensure a robust technology sector and create new opportunities for growth.

The High Speed Internet Initiative, based on an extremely successful plan implemented in Kentucky, aims to do this and more:
  • Creates a public/private partnership that includes providers, local and state governments, unions, non-profits and health, education and public safety organizations to work collaboratively to develop and lead a statewide internet deployment and adoption initiative, including developing local area planning teams to facilitate local planning.
  • Create and regularly update mapping of broadband services and identify gaps in service.
  • Create an inventory of existing high-speed Internet services and other baseline assessments necessary to inform a research driven broadband expansion strategy.
You can participate in the effort to pass this legislation by signing up at this site. Let's come together to bring Washington up to speed.


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