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Friday, February 29, 2008

In Brief - February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Year. Today is the bonus day we get every four years. Isn't it lovely? One extra day of campaign ads and partisan bickering! I'm sure the Decider has scribbled out another signing statement noting that he doesn't have to observe it if he doesn't see the need. Well, only 8 months to go in that sad tale. Enjoy the last leap year in the Decider administration.

With that, here's a digest of today's news:

In the Pacific Northwest

  • Tolls may be the wave of the future in curbing carbon emissions, according to this article in the Seattle Times. Two bills set to impose tolls in heavily traveled roads in the Puget Sound region have passed the state House, and should pass the Senate soon.

  • While we're talking about roads, I-5 and I-90 will be worse than usual for the next four months, as road crews repair girders and improve HOV lanes.

  • Apparently, the Oregon GOP is in a world of hurt. They're in debt, the membership is splintering, and they're badly outnumbered by Democrats. Almost makes me feel sorry f-- ...nah.

Across the Nation

  • Obama tightens lead in TX, OH polling. As he has ahead of the past several primaries, Barack Obama has closed once formidable polling leads opened up by Hillary Clinton. Clinton, of course, is looking for huge wins in Texas and Ohio; looking at these latest numbers, margins will not be huge if she wins at all.

  • Boeing won't be the contractor of choice for the Air Force this time around. The deal Boeing just lost would have been worth about $40 billion, building air tankers (for in-flight refueling). Interesting that the government would choose Northrup Grumman for this deal—the frames for these planes will be built overseas, of course, by Airbus. Just to rub salt in the wound.

  • The stock market took another dive today, dropping 315 points on bad economic news and record-breaking ($103/barrel) oil prices. But don't worry: Our president is optimistic that we can avoid the recession we're already in.

Around the World

  • Turkish leaders are asking PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) rebels to lay down their arms and embrace Turkish rule as the Turkish military continues its incursion in Northern Iraq. After a week of fighting along the border, the PKK has lost 247 fighters and the Turks 27. Turkey is accusing Iraq of being lax in reining in the PKK; it could be argued that the Iraqi “government” is, well, kinda busy right now.

  • Following two months of brutal fighting in Kenya, opposition leaders shook hands on a power-sharing agreement that will hopefully end the violence in that African country. Details remain, and the peace is uneasy, but it's a start, and citizens seem optimistic.

  • Pakistan continues to unravel in the aftermath of presidential elections. Today at least 11 people were killed in a suicide bombing during a funeral for a police officer who was killed just hours before.

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Blogger Rick said...

W was asked about the price of gas going to $4 a gallon soon. He had absolutely no clue and then just a few minutes later was asked about another subject and exclaimed "I been paying atttention to other gas prices and such...


February 29, 2008 7:36 PM  

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