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Friday, February 1, 2008

Homeowner's Bill of Rights Update: SB 6385 passes the state Senate

Our Legislative Advocacy bill tracker reports that Senator Weinstein's bill to allow allows Washingtonians to recover repair costs in court if their homes are damaged by negligent construction has passed the state Senate with a vote of 27-20. It was mostly a party line vote, with Democrats in favor and Republicans opposed.

Voting Yea: Senators Berkey, Brown, Fairley, Franklin, Fraser, Hargrove, Hatfield, Hobbs, Kastama, Kauffman, Keiser, Kline, Kohl-Welles, Marr, McAuliffe, McDermott, Murray, Oemig, Pflug, Prentice, Pridemore, Regala, Rockefeller, Shin, Spanel, Tom, and Weinstein

Voting Nay: Senators Benton, Brandland, Carrell, Delvin, Haugen, Hewitt, Holmquist, Honeyford, Kilmer, King, McCaslin, Morton, Parlette, Rasmussen, Roach, Schoesler, Sheldon, Stevens, Swecker, and Zarelli

Excused: Senators Eide and Jacobsen

The bill now moves to the House, where it must overcome anticipated opposition from Speaker Frank Chopp. Readers, now is your chance to make a huge difference...please contact the Speaker and respectfully request that he allow SB 6385 to the floor for a vote. The best way to get in touch is to call the legislative hotline at 1-800-562-6000 and ask to be connected to his office.

Our Outreach & Advocacy Director, Rick Hegdahl, explained why this legislation is desperately needed back in January when he testified before the Senate Consumer Protection & Housing Committee.


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