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Friday, February 8, 2008

The governor's courage

Prior to Barack Obama taking the stage this morning and blowing the doors off of KeyArena, local leaders took turns praising the Illinois senator. Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels touted his affinity for green energy as a new economic model for the future. Congressman Adam Smith of Washington's 9th District further voiced his support for Obama, to much applause.

Governor Chris Gregoire Endorses Barack Obama at RallyBut Governor Gregoire's endorsement of Barack Obama today, just twenty four hours before the caucuses, was somewhat surprising and very courageous.

In a state where the two other top elected Democrats (Senators Cantwell and Murray) have endorsed Hillary Clinton, it would have been easy for her to opt to do the same. Instead, she chose a path that transcended gender and partisanship.

Her thoughtful and enthusiastic approach should be noted and appreciated by progressives throughout the state.

While onstage, explaining her endorsement, she said she did a lot of soul searching to reach her decision. A comment like that often sounds empty coming from a politician. At that moment, though, there wasn't a politician speaking; there was simply a woman who came to a heartfelt decision after some serious introspection, based on what she thought was best for our state and for our country.

And for that candor...that courage... we thank her.


Blogger claudjan said...

Wooh! Yes! Chris G has always been hot stuff. So am I surprised? .... Happily surprised she came out now for the ONE! This is HOT HISTORY happenin' HERE!

February 8, 2008 10:38 PM  
Blogger calvin said...

It wasn't courageous, it was shrewd. Chris desperately needs enthusiastic supporters for her re-election campaign, so she will not again be the footnote race ignored by the activists as she was in 2004. That is why she almost lost then, she is not taking that risk again.
It was courageous to risk pissing off Clinton, but if Chris doesn't get re-elected, it wouldn't matter. And without this endorsement, I can't imagine where her support would come from. This way she gets on the Obama gravy train, and rides it right over Rossi. Very smart.

February 9, 2008 2:15 PM  

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