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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Exit polling predicts big Obama victories

So the captivating figures going around Washington, D.C. at this moment are Super Tuesday exit polling numbers, which (if you take them seriously) indicate big victories are in store for Barack Obama tonight. The numbers:
Georgia: Obama 75, Clinton 26
Connecticut: Obama 52, Clinton 45
Illinois: Obama 70, Clinton 29
Alabama: Obama 60, Clinton - 37
Delaware Obama 56, Clinton 42
Massachusetts: Obama 50, Clinton 47
Missouri: Obama 50, Clinton 45
Tennessee: Clinton 52, Obama 41
New York: Clinton 56, Obama 42
New Jersey: Obama 52, Clinton 47
Arkansas: Clinton 71, Obama 26
Oklahoma: Clinton 61, Obama 30
Arizona: Obama 51, Clinton 45

1st wave:
New Mexico: Obama 52, Clinton 46
Utah: Obama 60, Clinton 40
California: Clinton 50, Obama 46
Over at OpenLeft, Tim Tagaris (formerly of the Chris Dodd campaign) has an important disclaimer about exit polling numbers:
These numbers often change dramatically from wave to wave. For example, the first exit poll #'s we got in Iowa showed Hillary in the lead. Over the course of the next few fifteen/thirty minute intervals, they shrunk and eventually showed a healthy Obama lead. If these are the first waves (or even the second), they don't mean all that much -- especially hours from polls actually being closed in some of these locations.
In other words...the above is for your amusement only, and is not, in any way, shape, or form, meant to be informative.


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