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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Donna Edwards wins in Maryland!

Chalk up another huge victory for the netroots community: the people powered grassroots effort of Donna Edwards has defeated incumbent Democrat Al Wynn, the current officeholder in Maryland's 4th Congressional District:
It's official. Meet your new congresswoman from Maryland! Donna Edwards still has a general election to ratify the victory, but in this district, that's a done deal.

As I wrote time and time again, we don't have the money to buy off our politicians, and the bad Democrats know we're not about to start voting for Republicans. So the only way we can hold our caucus accountable is to send notice that we will primary them. And sure, they may survive such primaries. But sometimes they won't.

We'll be working this fall for "more" Democrats, but today we struck a blow on behalf of better Democrats.
At OpenLeft, Chris Bowers notes that the new Obama voters are breaking for Edwards:
Here is an exciting thought for progressives: the new primary voters who are coming out for Barack Obama are also going to result in a progressive defeat of an incumbent member of Congress in a primary. Al Wynn's numbers are stagnant from 2006, while Donna's have skyrocketed. There is massive movement building potential here.
The results as of this hour:

Edwards: 59% (36,010 votes)
Wynn: 36% (22,148 votes)

What a terrific night it has been for the progressive movement.


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