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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Colorado picks Obama and Romney

With 85% of the Democratic precincts reporting, Obama has clinched a win in the Colorado caucuses by a two to one margin over Hillary Clinton: Obama 66%, Clinton 33%. Mitt Romney, meanwhile, is far ahead on the Republican side, with McCain coming in a distant second: Romney 60%, McCain 19%.

Obama was helped by good organization and to the attention he paid to the state recently, compared to the low profile Clinton maintained.

He drew a large crowd at the University of Denver last week and he opened up numerous offices across the state. Bill and Chelsea campaigned in Colorado as surrogates for Hillary, although with Bill Clinton's current negative image, that may have done her more harm than good.

Obama seems to fit the Colorado Democratic mold. From the Denver Post:
"He's that creative-society, nonpartisan, new-advocate-for-change Democrat that we like here," said Denver pollster Floyd Ciruli.
Apparently many states use the same mold, since Obama has won eleven states so far tonight. His outside-the-box image and battalions of energetic supporters are narrowing the delegate gap between him and Clinton.

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