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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

California too close to call, Idaho goes to Obama, Arizona for Clinton

The polls have closed in the Golden State, and though Hillary Clinton and John McCain are leading in the early returns there, the race remains too close to call. Consequently, the networks aren't making any projections - though they are going over the exit polling very thoroughly.

Of the major ethnic groups (this is in California only), Hispanics and Asian Americans are going for Clinton, while whites and blacks are going for Obama.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama appears to be the winner of the Idaho caucuses (big surprise there) and Hillary Clinton is projected to win Arizona - likely thanks to support from women and Hispanic voters. The Idaho Democratic Party has results available on its website.

Just to the south, in Utah, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are the victors in that state's primary. Here's an overview of the results from the AP:
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, whose Mormon faith played a big role in his primary victory in Utah, won 36 delegates in a winner-take-all sweep, while Barack Obama defeated Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democratic primary.

Romney had been expected to win Utah, where more than 60 percent of residents are also members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He also won the GOP primary in Massachusetts, where he served as governor.

Obama, an Illinois senator, held a commanding lead with the state's Democratic primary voters. Utah Democrats split their delegates by the popular vote.

The Associated Press made its call based on surveys of voters as they left the polls.
On cable, CNN is currently dissecting the close contest in Missouri (for both Democrats and Republicans) by examining the vote in local jurisdictions.

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