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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

California projected for Clinton

CNN and NBC are projecting California will go for Clinton. If the networks' numbers are accurate - 55/33 percent split for Clinton on about a million total votes - that projection seems likely to hold.

More interesting to us is that the Los Angeles Times is saying the outcome are "too close to call" and is reporting that polling places are staying open late to accommodate enormous voter turnout.

Final results from California can't be expected until quite late tonight, and possibly not until morning. I do hope California's elections officials get overtime.

As has been the case throughout this nominating season, the story behind the story is voter turnout. CNN's numbers, as of 9:30 this evening, are showing about 800,000 votes on the Republican side, breaking for McCain (although with three folks still in the Republican race, those results are a lot closer).

Since Iowa, the Democratic caucuses and primaries have been out-drawing their Republican counterparts: in some cases, by enormous margins.

California's roughly 10% turnout difference isn't much, but in other states the turnout difference has approached 2-to-1.

Given that recent presidential elections have been decided by a smaller percentage than that, the simple fact of voter motivation. General disgust with the right wing agenda could well overwhelm any specific issues or perceived differences between the candidates in the general election this November.

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Blogger Richard Borkowski said...

Why is everyone, including apparently the Progressive blogs, treating the Democratic nominating races like the Presidential election?

Your headline "California projected for Clinton" implies that all of the votes go for Clinton, just like in a Presidential race. The delegates don't get awarded in an all or nothing fashion like they do with the electoral college. They are awarded proportionally. I don't recall the exact delegate count (and you didn't report it) but it would be nice if the blogs could show a little more common sense than the old Media and quit following their binary logic of 'red' or 'blue'. There is more to it than that.

February 6, 2008 7:27 AM  

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