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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Burn Bush for Burner, the sequel

Let us take a brief stroll down recent-memory lane, shall we?

You'll all hopefully remember this past summer, when George W. Bush his own self showed up in our fair state, motorcaded to Bellevue and tied up traffic so he could headline a good old fashioned ten-thousand dollar a pop photo-op fund raiser for one of D.C.'s rock bottom least effective congressmen, WA-08's very own Dave Reichert.

And how could one forget Darcy Burner's inspired response: she held a grassroots based counter-fundraiser in conjunction with a webcast town hall meeting on Iraq (video) and--as if that wasn't enough--she put together a study group of people who know more about Iraq than 99% of us ever will and asked them to figure out a reasonable plan for what to do with this bloody mess we've created.

I know you'll recall how, after Reichert's campaign was forced to fess up to some accounting boo-boos and to return a hefty chunk of improper donations, Darcy's "Burn Bush for Burner" fund-raiser ended up out-raising Lazy Dave's. The sweet, sweet irony of that still gets me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Well, the Deciderer in Chief must have decided that I need more warm fuzzies, because First Lady Laura Bush is coming to town Wednesday to do another fund raiser for the Honorable Dave Reichert.

So it's time for Burn Bush for Burner, the sequel. This time Darcy is asking (video) for 250 people to step up and contribute to her campaign. You can do so on Darcy's website, of course, or here on her ActBlue page.

Yes, politicians ask us for money all the time, but please consider the circumstances. Not only is this a chance to support a genuine progressive candidate, but it's a chance to demonstrate in the only terms most politicians understand--money--that the people powered grassroots politics can beat $500 a plate "in-crowd" fundraisers every time.

Oh, and if you're concerned whether Darcy would be a more influential representative than our well coiffed ex-sherrif? Check this out: Darcy's Iraq study group is set to release its findings sometime in the next few weeks; well ahead of election day. Lookee there, Mr. Congressman, she's not even in office yet and she's already doing a better job than you are.


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