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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

BREAKING: Barack Obama coming to Washington State this Friday

Barack Obama's campaign has confirmed that the Illinois senator will be visiting Washington State this Friday in advance of the February 9th precinct caucuses, NPI has learned. We're not aware that any venue has been chosen yet, but we do know that Barack Obama will in fact be coming here to campaign in person.

Will Hillary Clinton follow suit? If we had to guess, the answer would be yes.

Governor Christine Gregoire and Secretary of State Sam Reed recently wrote a letter to the presidential candidates, urging them to pay a visit to Washington. The text of that letter is as follows:
Dear Presidential Candidates:

We urge you to visit Washington, the second-largest state in the west, for our delegate-rich Feb. 9 caucuses and our voter-rich Feb. 19 Presidential Primary. Both will have a profound impact on the nomination of the country’s next chief executive.

Washington’s Democratic and Republican Political Party caucuses are scheduled for Feb. 9 and will be the next opportunity to accrue significant delegates after Feb. 5.

Washington’s Presidential Primary is slated for Feb. 19, two weeks after “Super Tuesday” and 10 days after our state’s political parties hold their precinct caucuses. No other state primaries are scheduled until March 4.

Given the strategic timing of Washington caucuses and primary, this is a great place to earn national attention and prove you can win in a culturally and ethnically diverse region.

While the majority of Washington voters cast their ballots by mail, most will hold onto them until the final week.

During a visit to Washington, you have a chance to address the fundamental issues of the Northwest that merit national attention and commitment. Our state is home to military, the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, and agriculture. We play a pivotal role in other defining national issues including international trade and the Bonneville Power Administration.

Washington is also the third-largest of the 25 states west of the Mississippi, with a sophisticated voting public that cares deeply about the future of this region and the path our nation will take to prepare for the future.

After “Super Tuesday,” many Washington voters will decide which presidential candidate is most deserving of the nomination. A personal visit to Washington will demonstrate your dedication to the west and to each and every American voter.

The State of Washington commends you for your momentous decision to run for President of the United States. Your courage to embrace the demands of a campaign for the presidency is remarkable, and is the foundation of this democracy.

Gov. Christine Gregoire
Secretary of State Sam Reed
As for the Republicans, don't be surprised if Mitt Romney, John McCain, and Mike Huckabee also decide to show up in Washington. They're all in need of delegates, and a win in Washington would be a boost for any of them.

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Blogger Dr. Calabria said...

The Skinny on Hillary

Dear brothers in arms,

We put a piece of truth about the Clintons on that would make a difference in the race if people could hear it. It begins:

We are scientists who derive our politics from an evolutionary perspective, not from conservative ideology. Our analysis concludes that our so-called war on terror is slowly but surely taking us to World War III. Note Putin’s 2/8/08 call for a renewed arms race to counter America’s efforts to conquer the world. For that reason we support Barack Obama as the only real anti-war candidate, the only one who can keep such a nuclear tipped train wreck from happening.

As to Hillary Clinton, recall during their populist administration that President Bill and missus, while promising health care they never delivered, did deliver more police and prisons, and took our jail population to the highest per-capita level in the world. This statistic, ahem, is historically associated with hardened police states like Stalinist Russia and apartheid South Africa. We all know that spitting on the street nowadays will get you six months in jail. But of course we’re not a police state, because if we were, you’d have heard about it on the evening news.

The Clintons as president also made their upper class handlers happy by ending LBJs war on poverty, which brought about the vast population of homeless beggars we see on the streets of America today. Pearls for the wealthy, evictions for the rest of us. Don’t laugh. It could happen to you. Wait until the recession, caused primarily by our trillion dollar War in Iraq, gets into high gear. Goodbye nest egg when the market totally collapses. Goodbye home thanks to the Shylock mortgage brokers in bed with the conservatives. Hello suffering on the street with your kids in a foster home.

Actually Hillary does have a few things she can be very proud of. She is a most talented actress, a profoundly adept social climber and a top paid shill of the upper class. She is our American Evita and almost everybody loves her style. But whatever her talents and personal accomplishments, she is not going to go against the wishes of the ruling clique who created her and Bill and stop their war.

Some think that Hillary would never lie to us. But Bill also insisted he would never lie to us and is so amazingly good an actor, almost as good as his wife, that we yet believe him even after the tape recording caught him with the cigar between Monica’s legs. What character is there in a first family when the head of the most powerful nation on earth is sticking a penile object, not even his own, up some college kid’s vagina? Does anybody think Hillary felt personally bad about the Monica thing other than not having her usual go with one of Bill’s girls? Watch the conservatives bring forth one of Hillary’s lovers soon to clarify her tastes in this area. Indeed, one would not be surprised if the less than confident, slightly retarded, persona Chelsea Clinton was condemned to live her life with derives from her pervert parents abusing her when she was four years old. Certainly there is as much truth in this conjecture as in the equally outrageous conjecture that the Clintons are not good people even though they go to church every Sunday. If evil is badness that comes from an unexpected source, the Clintons are evil enough to have shit stuffed in their mouths and be set on fire. That’s an opinion of their character, not a threat on their lives, for all you hate speech monitors out there.

Unfortunately, though, short of a revolution, we may be stuck with another Clinton figurehead presidency, for our evolutionary analysis shows clearly that while biological evolution is not of intelligent design, our presidential elections are. They are intelligently designed by the conservative ruling clique that has hold of our media and our courts, including our Supreme Court, which designed the last election outcome. Which all of you meekly accepted because the majority of Americans are basically passive cowards who lack the courage it takes to stand up to tyranny. The upper classes would never allow Obama to become president and stop the war. They would assassinate him first, literally have him shot like Martin Luther King, if the media they control can’t derail his candidacy in a more subtle way. We reach these outrageous conclusions, not from bipolar disease, but from a firm scientific analysis whose details follow after we have introduced ourselves.

Yours in the struggle,
Dr. and Mrs. Peter V. Calabria

February 8, 2008 11:49 PM  

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