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Saturday, January 26, 2008

That was fast: Barack Obama already the projected winner in South Carolina!

The traditional media, having spent today and the last few days talking endlessly about South Carolina's Democratic primary, barely waited for the polls to close this evening before declaring a winner based on exit polling. Story arc first, corroborating details or proof later.

If the numbers are to be believed, Barack Obama has won a huge victory there, beating Hillary Clinton by a substantial margin. According to the exit polling done by the Associated Press and the major television networks, here's how several key demographic groups voted:

Obama 81%
Clinton 17%
Edwards 1%

Black Women
Obama 82%
Clinton 17%
Edwards 0%

Edwards 39%
Clinton 36%
Obama 24%

Obama's win in South Carolina - if indeed he is the victor - will certainly keep the Democratic contest open heading into Super Tuesday. Clinton and Obama will have split the first four states holding officially sanctioned nominating events in January between themselves - equally.

It's so refreshing that we will not have a nominee crowned by Iowa and New Hampshire this year. The action now moves to the twenty four states holding primaries or caucuses on Super Tuesday, including New York and California (and in the Pacific Northwest, Idaho). A staggering 52 percent of all pledged Democratic Party delegates will be at stake on February 5th.

Meanwhile, the Republican pollster Rasmussen shows support for Hillary Clinton declining nationally, with Barack Obama and John Edwards benefiting at her expense. It's only one tracking poll (so consider it with an entire salt shaker in hand!) but it is certainly a possibility that Democratic voters are turning away from Clinton.


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