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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Richardson continuing on

Despite receiving hardly any support in Iowa, Bill Richardson is staying in. Here's an excerpt from his campaign's news release:
"We made it to the final four," Richardson said. "My staff and volunteers worked their hearts out to get us here. Now we are going to take the fight to New Hampshire."

Richardson received 7% of the vote in entrance polls. After watching the results at a rally in Des Moines, he boarded a plane for New Hampshire.

"It has been an honor to meet with Iowans and be a part of this extraordinary process," Richardson said. "I am the one candidate who has said we must end this war by getting all our troops out of Iraq. We cannot truly change this country until we end this war- and we can only do that by getting every US troop out. Americans who want to get us out of Iraq aren't giving up and neither am I. We cannot end the division in this country until we are out of Iraq and we cannot focus on fixing our problems at home and our image abroad until our troops are out of Iraq. We cannot wait until 2013 or longer."

"Thank you, Iowa. Now we go on to New Hampshire."
If Iowa is any indication, Richardson will likely remain a very distant fourth in Tuesday's New Hampshire primary.

Perhaps his campaign is hoping for a strong showing in Nevada, which is close to Richardson's home state of New Mexico - we'll see.


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