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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Obama, Clinton trading lead in Nevada, early results are inconclusive

The Nevada Democratic caucuses are well underway, and while there's plenty to watch, there's no outcome to talk about yet.

So far Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been trading the lead, with John Edwards a very distant third, with a tally similiar to what Bill Richardson received in Iowa and New Hampshire. According to the Nevada Democratic Party, all of the counties are now reporting precinct caucus results.

Senator Hillary Clinton: 49.21%
Senator Barack Obama: 44.82%
Senator John Edwards: 5.37%
Uncommitted: 0.39%
Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.2%
Senator Mike Gravel: 0%

*As of 12:36 PM Pacific Time

CNN, which has been airing live footage from inside one of the Las Vegas caucuses, says it is currently crunching entrance poll numbers. That's better than having no feed at all, but why can't they have video from other caucus sites?

UPDATE: As of 12:50 PM, Hillary Clinton has opened up a wide lead over Senator Obama, but it's still early and precincts are still reporting.


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