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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Florida primary results

First, two items of note:
  • Florida is largely symbolic for Democrats, since the DNC has punished the state party for moving its nominating event beyond Super Tuesday.
  • The ballot includes Democrats who have dropped out of the race: Biden, Dodd, Kucinich, and Richardson, all of whom are receiving votes.
With that in mind, early results (1% counted) Clinton has a substantial lead. She's at roughly 50%, while Obama is at 30%. Clinton flew into Florida earlier this evening to hold a rally with supporters, while Barack Obama remained in the Midwest, where he has been campaigning in Kansas. He added another "superdelegate" into his win column today with the endorsement of Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius.

He also has the support of Arizona's Janet Napolitano, another popular Democratic governor. Sebelius and Napolitano journeyed to Washington State last November for a fundraiser on behalf of Governor Christine Gregoire.

Meanwhile, Washington State's senior senator (Patty Murray) has told traditional media outlets that she will soon reveal who she is supporting for President. Senator Maria Cantwell is backing Hillary Clinton,

On the Republican side, where the voting translates into delegates, Giuliani is lagging far behind rivals Mitt Romney and John McCain, who are both pulling in about 34% of the vote to Rudy's 14%. I guess it's hard 9/11 to 9/11 work 9/11 into 9/11 every voter's 9/11 concern 9/11 after all.

More thoughts and results to follow.


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