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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Clinton "wins" Florida

And 20 minutes after polls closing, CNN is calling this one for Clinton, 48% to Obama's 30% with 34% of the precincts reporting. John Edwards trails with about 17 %. Interesting to note, also, that CNN currently isn't even bothering to show the Edwards tally.

Well, I suppose when the traditional media outlets choose who can debate and in which venue, it follows that they can omit whomever they want from the results.

UPDATE 1: Ah, now they've included Edwards (and Kucinich) in the count as of 5:30 PST.

UPDATE 2: With 68% of precincts reporting, a more defined picture emerges:

  • 50% Clinton
  • 32% Obama
  • 15% Edwards
  • Kucinich is still pulling about 1% of the vote


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