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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Region turning into winter wonderland

As predicted, December has landed with snowy skies. The landscape is pretty white here in Redmond - it's been snowing steadily for several hours now.

What can we expect over the rest of the weekend? Our friends at West Coast Weather have an updated forecast for central Puget Sound readers:
A cool and dry air mass is in place with an upper level low off the coast and this will bring bands of moisture into the region. The greatest chance of snow will be from 4 PM today till midnight on Sunday.

Then on Sunday the temperatures will warm up to above freezing by at least 10 AM if not sooner. There are several factors that are in play that makes this an interesting forecast. First, there is a cool and dry air mass in place that is being reinforced by cold air that is filtering through from Snoqualmie Pass, and this has a two way impact. It will help keep temperatures close to freezing.

However, this drier air does not have a lot of moisture content. Second, there is warmer air from the south that will try to move in and push this cool dry air out. This is one big reason why snow forecasts vary: it's the timing of the cold air being pushed out.

Finally with some cool air at the surface and warm air aloft this evening there will be chance of some freezing rain.
Most communities in the Seattle metro area can expect between half an inch to three and half inches of snow today. Be careful if you're out driving this weekend - many roads are slippery and icy. Use extra caution.


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