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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Weekend forecast update: snowy rain, or maybe rainy snow...

The forecast for this weekend continues to change, though it still promises some interesting conditions. Here's an update from West Coast Weather:
There is an old saying about getting snow in the Puget Sound area. Namely, that we need three things need to happen; cold air in place, an act of Congress, and the stars and the moon need to be lined up right. Well, I know there is one, cold air is in place.

This cold air mass will be in place through most of the weekend and then on Saturday afternoon and evening a weak band of moisture moves in to bring from a trace to up to 3 inches of snow (for the Puget Sound area) for Saturday night and early Sunday.

Then the real tricky part of the forecast is the warm front that pushes in Sunday morning. With cold air trapped at the surface it sometimes can takes a long time for the cold air to get “scoured out” by the warm front.

So Sunday will probably see a mix of weather; snow, freezing rain, rain mixed with snow and than rain by later in the morning or the afternoon. The amounts of the snowfall will vary greatly based on your location.
If you're heading to or through any mountain passes this weekend, remember to travel prepared, and exercise caution on the road: roads and bridges may be icy.


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