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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Roads & Transit trending in the wrong direction

At midnight the results for Prop 1 are:

Yes: 120183 (43.7473%)
No: 154538 (56.2527%)

The current trend on Roads and Transit is not in our favor. At this point it would take a statistical miracle to put us over the top.

In the next year, beyond changing our transportation governance scheme, we'll have to looki at the possibility of coming back with another ballot measure.

This all hinges on the legislature, which needs to authorize another vote. RTID, the roads consortium, dissolves at this point and would have to be reinstated.

The kind of package that is put together, if any, depends on how these results are interpreted. Some initial ideas:

Voters were skeptical about the investment and unsure about the risk after having sustained previous revenue increases.

Results from I-960 and SJR 4204 corroborate this premise. However, I-960 is failing in King County where Roads and Transit is also failing.

Or perhaps voters were convinced by the Sierra Club and Kemper Freeman Jr.'s henchmen that Proposition 1 delivered little benefit to them while costing a lot of money (which, incidentally, is a contradiction - if a package costs a lot of money, there has to be something in it!)

My hunch is that it is a combination, with unhappiness about the scope of the proposal being somewhat in the forefront.

This was a large package and on the surface appeared expensive. Especially given the dishonest portrayals of the cost our local dailies ran with. Turnout is looking to wind up quite low when all is said and done, and if right wing voters turned out in disproportionate numbers it would help explain the trends we results are seeing.

The one thing that's clear is that our region still faces enormous transportation problems that are not going way anytime soon, whether we ignore them or not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe now Democrats and environmentalists alike wake up to the fact that the values of the Sierra Club's local head, Peter Orth, reflect the wealthy Texas town he's from, and not those of the Pacific Northwest.

November 7, 2007 2:23 AM  

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