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Friday, November 9, 2007

LIVE from Town Hall: Republican commissioners intimidated at FCC hearing

It appears from their actions and body language that the GOP FCC commissioners are daunted by the vocal audience here at Town Hall. Commissioner McDowell spoke briefly at the podium but did not deliver his prepared remarks, asking instead that they be entered into the record. He then sat back down.

Chairman Martin is now speaking, and has already made several ridiculous claims to the audience gathered here, like "I tried to be transparent with you". He said when he began that he would be brief but he has already been told to sit down by several activists in the audience.

Martin is soft-spoken and doesn't seem happy at the podium. He sounds pretty shaky and unsure of himself. He had the audacity, though, to complain about "rhetoric" from Commissioners Copps and Adelstein.

This was met promptly with jeers and boos.

In fact, he looks awfully nervous. He's been interrupted several times already, including when he lamely attempted to make excuses for the short public notice given (he blamed the entire commission for the unacceptable scheduling process.)

The third GOP Commissioner, Deborah Taylor Tate, is apparently not here. I don't see her seated anywhere and she hasn't come forward to speak. Typical.


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