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Friday, November 9, 2007

LIVE from Town Hall: Adelstein praises turnout at FCC hearing, attacks Martin

Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein is hammering away at Chairman Kevin Martin for aiding the agenda of big media and tapping the passions of the audience here to forcefully condemn the ridiculous and unacceptable march towards further media consolidation. "We need to expand the number of media outlets owned by women or people of color," Adelstein told the audience.

"Those of you who came out here tonight, made your schedules work for this...are representing the millions of Americans who can't be here."

"If the majority of the FCC opposes the majority of Americans, you will see a willful act against the public interest that needs to be struck down," Adelstein declared. "If the FCC sides with powerful media companies over the public interest, Congress can veto it and it should!"

"As you heard on the video tonight, it's your representatives who will lead the charge," Adelstein concluded, noting that residents of the Pacific Northwest are the last ones who will be heard during the hearing process.


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