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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Latest from Whatcom County: WOW

In the two closest races of the night, Ken Mann, whose lead was 45 votes over incumbent Sam Crawford, has apparently won that race, adding two votes to his margin. Results are unofficial; stay tuned for updates tomorrow.
[Correction: Mann's lead has actually narrowed to 27 votes, as of the last County Auditor's update at 11:05 last night, 11/6/07--K]

Bob Kelly, winning earlier by a bigger but still very slim margin over Chris Hatch, has also won that race, substantially adding to his tally, now at a 187 vote margin.

Again: Results are still unofficial, but congratulations to both of these candidates for running excellent, professional campaigns. All earlier margins of victory for other contenders reported are holding: congratulations to these folks as well.


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