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Thursday, November 8, 2007

King County November 8th returns in, results largely the same

King County Elections has just announced that tabulation has finished for November 8th. A total of 17,310 additional absentee ballots and 795 poll ballots were counted today. It's a low number considering the high volume received over the last few days - the Elections Division received 76,000 yesterday alone.

Consequently, the results for key races and ballot measures have barely changed. The percentages are mostly the same, the vote totals are slightly higher.

The cumulative statewide returns bear good news, however. Initiative 960's margin of approval has shrunk significantly. The yes vote is down to 51.9923% while the no vote has climbed to 48.0077%. Meanwhile, SJR 4204 (simple majority for school levies) remains close as well, with 48.8680% in favor and 51.1320% against.

Counties voting I-960 down include: Jefferson, King, San Juan, Thurston, and Whitman. Kitsap is split almost fifty-fifty. Pierce and Snohomish are unfortunately voting yes. If the numbers in those counties were reversed, I-960 would be dead.

All the counties voting down I-960 are also voting for 4204, but they're not alone. Snohomish and Spokane are also approving 4204 by the tiniest of margins, while Whatcom is squarely in the Yes on Simple Majority column.

Considering the low number of ballots tabulated by King County over the past few days, the gap between Yes and No on both these measures may continue to close.

As for the other statewide measures, Referendum 67 and the remaining three constitutional amendments are comfortably ahead.


Anonymous passionateJus said...

where do you get these numbers? I don't see any changes at the Secretary of State's website.


November 8, 2007 7:08 PM  

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