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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Early results don't look promising

The first returns are in tonight, and although there are a few bright spots, the overall picture doesn't look very good.
  • First, Roads and Transit is failing 55% to 44%. Even voters in King County are rejecting Proposition 1. Unless trends change dramatically, it's back to the drawing board. No thanks to the Sierra Club and their allies, who did everything they could to convince people to reject investing in transportation.
  • Initiative 960 is passing narrowly while SJR 4204 (simple majority for schools) is failing narrowly. There are still many votes to be counted and there's hope yet for a progressive outcome on both of these measures.
  • Referendum 67 (consumer protection) seems headed towards easy passage, one of the success stories of the 2007 election.
  • Democrat Bill Sherman is losing the race for prosecutor to Republican Dan Satterberg, undoubtedly bolstered by huge cash infusions from his GOP allies.
  • This looks like it could be the year we take back the Seattle Port Commission: both Alec Fisken and Gael Tarleton are winning, although not by very much.
  • Jim Robinson is currently behind in his campaign for Mayor of Redmond, trailing by several percentage points to John Marchione.
  • Keri Andrews' bid for Bellevue City Council isn't going well at all - she's losing by a significant margin to conservative councilmember and incumbent Phil Noble. The odds aren't good that she'll make up the ground.
  • The other statewide constitutional amendments, including the Rainy Day Fund, appear to be passing with ease.
There are many, many, many more votes to be counted, so it's too early to draw many definite conclusions. All we have are indications from these early returns.


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