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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

2007 turnout unlikely to be above 50%, Democrats cruising to victory in Kentucky

If King County's figure of returned mail-in ballots is any indication, this isn't going to be a high turnout election. As of last night, only 24% of ballots sent out by the Elections Division had come back.

About 152,000 people have voted so far in the state's largest county.

Results from mail-in ballots will be posted after 8 PM tonight, followed by the first results from the polls, which will be added beginning at 10:30 PM.

While the voting continues here in the Evergreen State, Democrats appear to be chalking up victories already in Kentucky:
Both the governor's and treasurer races in Kentucky have been called in favor of the Democrats. It looks like we'll grab the Attorney General's office as well, while losing the Secretary of State and Commissioner of Agriculture races.

Also, State Auditor Crit Luallen is cruising to reelection with around 62% of the vote. All eyes will be on her soon to see if she jumps in the KY-Sen race against Mitch McConnell.
Meanwhile, in Virginia, Democrats are trying to take over the state Senate.


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