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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rossi on Roads & Transit: Not sure how he's going to vote

Earlier this week, we challenged the press and our readers (if you see him!) to ask Dino Rossi where he stands on the major issues on our ballot this November. Josh Feit attended Rossi's press conference this morning and made a point of asking the presumptive GOP nominee where he stands on Roads & Transit.

The answer was a Rossi classic: a non-position:
Rossi also pledged to make relieving traffic congestion the number one priority of his administration. (At a press briefing afterwards, he would not say definitively how he was voting on the $17.8 billion roads and transit package, allowing only that he was a 'No' vote now, but could be convinced to vote 'Yes' if the evidence mounts that Prop. 1 would actually ease congestion.)

To quote a skeptical Democratic spin doctor: "So, he's reserving the right to flip flop? These are yes or no questions [on the ballot.]"
Those who vote by mail in Puget Sound have already received their ballots. Dino's a gubernatorial candidate. The voting has begun and he hasn't made up his mind about Roads & Transit? More likely, Rossi has a position (and it's NO) but wants to soften his stance by saying he could be persuaded to vote the other way.

That's not leadership, it's cowardice. Dino's got a week and a half left to make up his mind. There's been a conversation going about this for months. Where has Dino been? If he was following along, he'd know the case for Roads & Transit.

And he says his No. 1 priority is easing congestion...what a sham.

Republicans who support the package better get to work if they really care about Proposition 1 passing. Dino's the head of their party: his endorsement would mean something. If you take his remarks seriously, he's a potential convert.

No word on how Dino feels about Referendum 67 yet.

UPDATE: While expressing support for the idea of simple majority, Rossi won't take a position on SJR 4204, and likewise is "leaning" towards Initiative 960, but again, no solid position. Apparently Dino only pays attention to his own political ambitions. Those critical issues that face our state?

Eh, not so important.


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