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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rossi makes it official: he's running

Saying his 2008 campaign would be "just like a Rossi family road trip" the state's 2004 Republican gubernatorial candidate declared his intention to seek a rematch with Governor Christine Gregoire in 2008.

Smiling in front of a crowd at an Issaquah theater, Rossi didn't waste time getting jabs in at the Governor, calling for a state government that "serves the people, not itself." How pathetic. Is that the best he can come up with?

I'll post a lengthier update when I have a chance.

UPDATE: KOMO today aired an interview with Rossi recorded yesterday by reporter and anchor Mike Dardis. Dardis, to his credit, came up with some really good questions in the clip I just watched on the 11 AM newscast.

Dardis noted that George W. Bush is extremely unpopular, the Republican Party's reputation soiled, and mentioned Dan Satterberg's comments about this "trickling down" to his race (Satterberg is the GOP nominee for King County prosecutor).

Of course, Rossi brushed off the question. He doesn't think it'll affect him.

KOMO has an article online summarizing the interview. Here's a puzzling excerpt:
He [Rossi] said he'll speak out against what he sees as Gregoire's biggest failures, including tax and budget policy, transportation, foster care, education financing, and dealing with criminals. He said he'll offer effective leadership on all those issues.
Um....what? Dino's either deluded or living in some parallel universe, because that's dishonest. Substitute the word "failure" above for "policies Dino doesn't like" and then the paragraph starts to make more sense.

One of the problems that Dino's right wing cohorts and friends have created for him is the initiatives they have run attempting to undo key legislation supported by the Governor. For example, they gambled that the people of Washington would support I-912 and I-920, repealing gas and estate tax revenue, respectively, but instead, voters vindicated the Governor, sanctioning her policies as popular.

In addition to her fiscal leadership the Governor has stood firm on equality, signing into law ESSB 2661, which banned discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and SB 5356, which recognized domestic partnerships.

The Governor has supported countless environmental protection bills, including clean cars legislation to attack global warming and reduce emissions. She has fought George W. Bush on health insurance for our children (SCHIP).

Forbes Magazine recently found that Washington State is one of the best places to do business in the country. It cited a more responsive state government as one of the reasons why. That's a credit to our hardworking Governor.

As AP reporter David Ammons noted in February of 2006, she has successfully brokered compromises and solved problematic disputes:
Gov. Chris Gregoire is turning out to be state government's negotiator-in-chief.

This past week, she cracked open long-stalled talks between doctors and lawyers over medical malpractice legislation. The two sides had been barely able to sit in the same room, but with Gregoire playing the peacemaker, they finally laid aside their rhetorical arms and agreed to deal.

The previous week, the governor brokered a landmark Columbia River water plan that had eluded negotiators for 30 years.
That's Gregoire's record. It's full of successes...victories for Washington families. If Dino Rossi thinks he can convince voters to believe those achievements are all failures, then the next thirteen months should be a lot of fun. Dino Rossi may still be living in 2004, as he demonstrated with his comments today and yesterday - but the people of Washington State are not. He's in for a rude awakening.


Anonymous Jake said...

Rossi's running again? Groan...just what we need. A year of having to listen to Bush gospel wrapped in something else from the state's slickest political merchant.

October 25, 2007 4:37 PM  

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