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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

NPI releases formal endorsements for 2007 ballot measures

This morning the Northwest Progressive Institute and Permanent Defense are pleased to formally release our endorsements for measures on this November's ballot. As regular readers know, we have have already published a particularly significant number of posts condemning I-960 and supporting Roads & Transit.

A summary of our positions is as follows:
  • Initative 960 (Paralyzing Government): A resounding NO
  • Sound Transit/RTID Proposition 1 (Roads & Transit): YES
  • Referendum 67 (Consumer Protection): YES
  • SJR 8206 (Rainy Day Fund): YES
  • EHJR 4204 (Simple Majority for Public Schools): YES
  • EHJR 4215 (Higher Education Investment): YES
  • SJR 8212 (Inmate Labor): YES
  • King County Proposition 1 (Medic One Renewal): YES
  • King County Initiative 25 (GOP attempt to change elections admin.): NO
See our 2007 ballot measures page for more information, including our rationale, the description for each ballot measure, and links for additional information.


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