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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Evergreen State sending help to California

Yesterday I expressed my hope that more could be done to help California fight the out of control wildfires that are destroying neighborhoods and lives:
Bill Richardson has offered help on behalf of New Mexico - it would be nice to see California's neighbors and other states in the west come together to provide support for the firefighting and disaster recovery efforts.
Well, today...Washington State is responding:
Washington is sending dozens of firefighters and equipment to join in the struggle to control the Southern California blazes, with some crews en route and more expected to depart today.

The state Emergency Management Division reports that two strike teams — each with 21 people and equipment to fight structural fires — departed last night with firefighters drawn from King, Pierce, San Juan and Thurston counties.

These teams will be joined by four to seven more strike teams that will depart today, assembled from Benton, Clark, Kittitas, Grant, Snohomish, Walla Walla and Whatcom counties.

"We are proud of the men and women from Washington who stand ready to assist in battling this fire," said Gov. Christine Gregoire. "We wish these firefighters a safe journey, and, with their families, look forward to their safe return."
Excellent. Well done, Governor Gregoire. Our brothers and sisters in California are in need and we have a chance to come to their aid. It will take a huge effort to contain these disastrous fires. Every contribution helps.

If only we could send California the downpour that's sloshing Puget Sound today...


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