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Friday, September 28, 2007

Poll Watch: Proposition 1's pollster says Roads & Transit has good chance to pass

Yesterday, as the region reacted to the news of Ron Sims' decision to come out against the Roads & Transit ballot measure, Proposition 1 pollster Tim Hibbitts (of Davis, Hibbitts, & Midghall Inc.) sent to a memo to the Yes on Roads & Transit campaign emphasizing that the measure has a good chance of passing. Here's a copy of that document:
Our latest survey of 600 likely voters taken within the RTID district on the 22nd/23rd of September shows the Roads and Transit measure continuing to hold a clear lead with 60% (57% vote for, 3% lean toward) with 37% opposed (34% vote against, 3% lean against). We have now seen eight polls (conducted by four different polling firms) since April giving the measure between 54 and 61% of the vote, with opposition between 32 and 39%.

Transportation concerns continue to be the top issue in the Puget Sound area, and voters are looking for solutions. Clearly, we enter the last six weeks of the campaign with a real chance to put this measure over the top, and are in a better position to win than I would have imagined possible eight months ago.
Ron Sims said it best only 44 months ago when he declared that he was "fatigued over discussions" about regional transportation. So are voters. That's why the Roads & Transit package is on the ballot this year and is still holding on to its support despite negative advertising and traditional media coverage.


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