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Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Phony soldiers", eh?

I expect the House and Senate to pass resolutions to condemn Rush Limbaugh's stupid comments about our men and women in uniform who don't tow the Republican party line before the month is over:
During the September 26 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio show, Rush Limbaugh called service members who advocate U.S. withdrawal from Iraq "phony soldiers." He made the comment while discussing with a caller a conversation he had with a previous caller, "Mike from Chicago," who said he "used to be military," and "believe[s] that we should pull out of Iraq."

Limbaugh told the second caller, whom he identified as "Mike, this one from Olympia, Washington," that "[t]here's a lot" that people who favor U.S. withdrawal "don't understand" and that when asked why the United States should pull out, their only answer is, " 'Well, we just gotta bring the troops home.' ... 'Save the -- keeps the troops safe' or whatever," adding, "[I]t's not possible, intellectually, to follow these people." "Mike" from Olympia replied, "No, it's not, and what's really funny is, they never talk to real soldiers. They like to pull these soldiers that come up out of the blue and talk to the media."

Limbaugh interjected, "The phony soldiers." The caller, who had earlier said, "I am a serving American military, in the Army," agreed, replying, "The phony soldiers."
I thought Republicans were all about "supporting the troops" - apparently the only troops worth supporting are those that that believe in the right wing gospel of the Bush administration.

If Congress isn't going to spend its time doing the people's business, then let's have a resolution that certifies that Rush Limbaugh is an insulting chickenhawk who does not respect the armed forces of the United States of America.


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