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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Welcome to Live Coverage of YearlyKos 2007!

After several weeks away from the blog, I'm happily returning today to provide comprehensive coverage and updates from Chicago, Illinois, where I'm representing the Northwest Progressive Institute at the YearlyKos Convention.

In addition to offering ongoing liveblogging here, we've set up our YouTube channel and Flickr photostream to feature images and video from the convention, and reconfigured Pacific Northwest Portal's main page to show YearlyKos related news and commentary.

Chicago is Central Time, so for those of you reading from back home in the Pacific Northwest, some events will be covered at unusual times. For example, Wesley Clark's morning keynote tomorrow will be happening at 6 AM Pacific. Likewise, the late evening events here will be early evening in Washington and Oregon.

I'll be publishing a post soon about my first reactions to the convention and my experience in Chicago. You can also expect video clips courtesy of our Events Coordinator (Rick), who's here with me, and photos as well.

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