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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

They hate us for our Freedom

From KGW:
Special security teams were dispatched for a crackdown on travelers at Portland International Airport.

Newschannel 8 learned Tuesday Homeland Security has deployed federal agents and local police known as “VIPR” teams to PDX.

The “Visual Intermodal Protection and Response” teams have been deployed nearly 84 times in the past year.

The agency dispatches the teams around the country, especially during peak travel days and special events -- but officials said there was no specific threat.
"VIPR," get it? Hiss! I bet the guys who thought that up really got off on it.

Why are we "cracking down on travelers?" What exactly have "travelers" done wrong, other than put up with cruddy service and endless delays?

Shouldn't we "crack down on terrorists?"

I guess it's easier to hassle the mom with two kids in strollers than actually go get Osama bin Laden.

You remember that guy, don't you? Beard, cave, Pakistan. That guy.

If I breathe in much more Freedom this week I'm going to freaking choke.

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