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Monday, August 20, 2007

State Labor Council reviews legislative wins

The Tacoma News Tribune covered the three-day Washington State Labor Council 2007 meeting with a review of labor's wins and losses, but nary a word in the Seattle Times or P-I. A search of their websites this weekend reveals nothing in the business sections about the union convention.

Seems that they couldn't be bothered to go to SeaTac to cover this important meeting. Why are we not surprised that there is no "labor" beat in Business?

Unions will press ‘Wal-Mart bill'
Washington labor leaders, enjoying big influence in this Democratic-controlled state, vowed Thursday to keep waging war on Wal-Mart as well as work to pass the huge Puget Sound-area roads and rails measure on this fall’s ballot.
I believe that labor would do well to drop the "Wal-Mart" bill, or Fair Share Health Care bill, which courts have declared to be in violation of federal ERISA law, and "go with the flow" of the Democratic majority towards "health care for everyone." I'm sure that Speaker Frank Chopp shares Rick Bender's vision of how we will get to "health care for everyone."

Labor should get on board and claim a place at the table.

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