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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Say hello to lead paint Barbie!

Q: What's the problem with Chinese import recalls?

A: A few hours later you want another one.

So it's another day, another recall of Chinese products, and this time it's more toys. From NPR:
Toy maker Mattel Inc. on Tuesday issued a recall for 9 million toys made in China because they contain magnets that can be dislodged and swallowed, or they may contain lead paint.

The recall includes 7.3 million play sets, including Polly Pocket dolls and Batman action figures, and 253,000 Sarge brand cars that have lead paint. The 2½-inch, 1-inch high car looks like a military jeep.

Nancy Nord, acting chairman of the U.S. consumer Product Safety Commission, said no injuries have been reported with any of the products involved in the recall.

"The scope of these recalls is intentionally large to prevent any injuries from occurring," she said at a mid-morning news conference.
NPR provided this link to the Mattel web site about the recall. Good luck figuring out which of your kids' toys might contain lead paint. I know I saved boxes and receipts from four years ago.

And thank you, Congress, and most of all, thank you Bush administration for your complete inability to do anything meaningful to protect consumers from the menace of Chinese imports. I hope you're all having nice vacations. I'll be going through the toy chest and explaining to my daughter why Polly Pocket is going in the trash.

But most of all, thank you to the board and major stockholders of Wal-Mart, which forced so much manufacturing to China. Looks like the wonderful global economy has a few glaring holes, like working conditions and product safety. As long as your stock price doesn't take too much of a hit, I suppose you don't care. I'm sure you can afford to buy expensive toys made in the EU, can't you?

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