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Saturday, August 04, 2007


So Jimmy riffs on Goldy who riffs on Chris Cilliza about how we're doing. Namely, very well. From The Fix:
Renowned Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg had some advice for the progressive bloggers gathered here for the second annual YearlyKos convention: Think big.

As in, big gains for Democrats in both the House and the Senate in 2008. "Do not think conservatively," said Greenberg during a panel discussion on the impact of Iraq on polling and the coming election. "The idea of a 50-seat-plus majority is real."
As a somewhat random observation, I would posit that Darcy Burner is incredibly special because she, in essence, took one for the team in 2006. Her campaign drew massive amounts of resources away from other races and helped ensure the Democratic victory in 2006.

While Eric Earling worked in Washington, D.C., I worked in Washington state on political campaigns, mostly as a volunteer. And I can tell you first-hand there are very few candidates at any level who care about much beyond their own fortunes. So they can diss Darcy all they want, by election day 2008 the Reichert campaign could be in very deep trouble.

As for Rodney Tom, well, I don't honestly know. Probably a nice guy. Not exactly sure why some folks want to support him, but it is a democracy. Make a case and I'll listen. Obviously NPI has supported Burner and is still supporting her.

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